Meet the Visionaries: InterMobility's Founding Team and Mobility Leaders

Welcome to InterMobility, where innovation and expertise converge to transform mobility. Our founding team, a group of seasoned professionals, is dedicated to creating sustainable, livable cities, emphasizing collaboration across Europe.

Meet the leaders of InterMobility, united by a passion for innovation in transportation and energy. Our diverse team, ranging from policymakers to engineers, embodies excellence in the mobility sector, working towards a more sustainable future. Join us in our quest for a better tomorrow, and discover the brilliant minds making a difference at InterMobility

Kenneth Jensen

Kenneth Jensen (Chief Operating Officer, KINTO Mobility)

Driving Mobility Innovation: Kenneth Jensen's Leadership Journey

Kenneth Jensen, Chief Operating Officer at KINTO Mobility, brings a unique blend of qualities to the table. When he's not working, you might find him exploring the world as a solo eco-friendly backpacker. However, within the professional realm, Kenneth is widely regarded as a senior leader with a remarkable track record in precise planning, flawless execution, and valuable feedback derived from his military background.
Kenneth's expertise lies in daily operations, the mechanics of keeping things running smoothly, and the strategies needed to stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape. His ability to set high standards, even under physical and psychological pressure, is a testament to his commitment.
Moreover, Kenneth is a conscientious and seasoned team motivator who excels at optimizing collaboration across all levels of organizations. Whether it's in the C-suite, investor relations, or among colleagues, he never lets a brilliant idea slip away—always prepared with meticulous notes.
The founding of InterMobility served as a valuable platform for Kenneth to gain insights into market trends and provide support to growing companies.

Lukas Neckermann

Lukas Neckermann (Chief Executive Officer, Neckermann Strategic Advisor)

Leading the Mobility Revolution: Lukas Neckermann's Journey

Lukas Neckermann, Chief Executive Officer at Neckermann Strategic Advisor, has been at the forefront of the #mobilityrevolution for over a decade. He is a distinguished strategist, advisor, researcher, and sought-after keynote speaker specializing in Smart Cities and Smart Mobility.
Lukas introduced pivotal industries to "The Mobility Revolution" with his groundbreaking book in 2014. Subsequently, he authored three more influential works: "Corporate Mobility Breakthrough 2020," "Smart Cities, Smart Mobility," and "Being Driven."
His expertise extends across diverse topics including electrification, autonomous vehicles, infrastructure, energy, shared mobility, and investments toward a carbon-neutral future.
As an advisor, Lukas lends his insights to NEXT Modular Vehicles, MSCI, SNRG, and other prominent companies. He is also an esteemed member of the GLG Council. Lukas frequently imparts his knowledge as a lecturer at esteemed institutions such as New York University, TU Berlin, the University of St. Gallen, and corporate universities across Europe. Additionally, he actively participates in startup event juries and serves on the AutoTech Europe 2023 Advisory Board. Lukas previously held the position of COO at the mobility scale-up, Splyt, playing a crucial role in its growth to over 100 staff post-Series B investment. Furthermore, he has co-founded companies in the UK, US, and Romania.
Most recently, Lukas was a co-initiator and launch partner of PAVE Europe, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating on the benefits of automated vehicle technology.
Beginning his career in marketing and strategy at BMW, Lukas ascended to Director/Board appointments at various Allianz Group companies in Germany, the UK, and Ireland before venturing into entrepreneurship.
The founding of InterMobility was a natural step for Lukas, allowing him to share his profound knowledge and extensive network with companies across Europe.

Ramu Nair

Ramu Nair (Head of Sales, Invers GmbH)

Ramu Nair: Driving Growth and Sustainability in Mobility Solutions

Ramu Nair, Head of Sales at INVERS GmbH, is an accomplished sales leader and a prominent figure in the business development field. He plays a pivotal role at INVERS, the global market leader in shared mobility technology, with a compelling mission: to assist entrepreneurs and organizations in launching and scaling profitable and sustainable mobility services using innovative and dependable software and hardware solutions.
Ramu is also responsible for the management and expansion of strategic partnerships with channel sales, ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies), and other key stakeholders within the mobility ecosystem. His passion lies in the future of mobility and its transformative potential to reshape how we live, work, and travel.
Furthermore, Ramu played a significant role in the founding of InterMobility, an initiative aimed at facilitating connections and collaborations between industry leaders and experts while fostering overall growth within the ecosystem.

Augustin Friedel

Augustin Friedel (Management Transformation expert, MHP)

Augustin Friedel: Catalyst for Mobility Transformation and Innovation

Augustin Friedel is a seasoned mobility expert with years of experience dedicated to guiding companies and cities through their digital and mobility transformations.
He actively engages in consulting projects, collaborating with leading corporations, cities of all sizes, startups, and freelancers. His primary mission is to accelerate the transformation of the mobility landscape within cities and beyond, aiming to create more livable urban areas, provide enhanced choices for users and citizens, and address the technological challenges of our time.
Augustin has been actively shaping the future of mobility and transportation offerings since 2012, contributing to the development of innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of society.
The founding of InterMobility was a strategic step for Augustin, allowing him to leverage his extensive expertise while expanding his reach to engage with more cities and stakeholders.

François Hoehlinger

François Hoehlinger (Deputy CEO, Troopy)

Empowering Mobility and every of its user: Inside a Leader’s journey

François Hoehlinger, Deputy CEO at Troopy, brings a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted network within the mobility and transportation industry, providing him with a keen understanding of market trends, critical challenges, and effective strategies.
As a dynamic leader and visionary, François thrives on embracing new challenges and fostering professional development through innovative projects. Over the course of his impressive career spanning more than a decade, he has developed strong convictions and beliefs.
François passionately shares his insights and expertise through speaking engagements at prestigious conferences such as Bits&Pretzels, CCEF, DrivetoZero, and Polis. He also actively participates in podcasts, including Wundermobility and Hire Learning, and contributes to various media outlets, amplifying the impact of his involvement.
His areas of expertise encompass sustainable growth, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and addressing gender disparities. François is a valued member of the European Commission Ambassador Program for Diversity and has received recognition for his entrepreneurial prowess, including being named in the Carenews TOP 50 and earning the title of "Entrepreneur of the Year in Mobility 2023."