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A free european network for all

InterMobility champions a free European network, fostering collaboration, events, and innovative problem-solving among industry experts and leaders. We believe in the value of free exchange. Join our Slack channel to connect with experts from across the entire ecosystem of mobility.

Join us today and be part of the mobility revolution in Europe !

Our Expertise: An Overview

InterMobility stands out as a premier expert network, facilitating meaningful interactions and collaborations among leaders. We provide a vibrant platform for networking, sharing insights, and advancing knowledge through diverse events, working groups, and publications.

Empower Your Business with InterMobility: we support you

InterMobility, a European network rich in expertise, insights, and know-how from top automotive and mobility leaders, is dedicated to supporting companies at every stage, from ideation to refining processes.

Support call

Engage in a complimentary consultation call with one of our seasoned experts to address any specific needs or challenges your company may be facing.

Consulting project

Collaborate closely with our experts on a tailored consulting project, whether you require an external perspective or specialized leadership expertise.

Dedicated event

Co-create a bespoke event with our network around the future of automotive and mobility with our unique network of 600+ experts and leaders.

Discover our expert team in transportation and mobility

InterMobility, your gateway to a thriving European network, connects you with leading experts from the transportation, mobility, and energy sectors, all committed to fostering sustainable and livable urban environments.
Discover the Minds Behind InterMobility: Our Founding Team and Experts.

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