InterMobility: Promoting Equality and Accessibility in Mobility Solutions

Representation of the gender equality

The Imperative of Equal Access in Mobility

In Europe, both metropolitan and intermediate-sized cities are grappling with similar challenges in transitioning towards more accessible mobility solutions.
At InterMobility, we recognize the critical importance of this transition, emphasizing the need for equitable access as a cornerstone of our initiatives.

The Essence of a 'Just Transition' in Urban Mobility

The concept of a 'just transition' in mobility is pivotal. It's about evolving our approaches to ensure equitable access to transportation, reflecting our commitment to creating a society where mobility creates opportunities for all. This aligns with InterMobility's vision of fostering sustainable and livable urban environments.

Gender Equality: A Pillar of Inclusive Mobility

Addressing the needs of vulnerable populations, especially women, is central to our mission at InterMobility. Historically, the mobility landscape in Europe has often overlooked the specific requirements of women, leading to their exclusion from traditional mobility offerings.
This oversight can be attributed to several factors, including a lack of gender-sensitive planning in transport systems, safety concerns that disproportionately affect women, and the failure to consider the diverse roles women play in society, which often require flexible and varied transportation needs.
We advocate for a mobility landscape where solutions are thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse needs, ensuring no one is left behind. By incorporating features such as enhanced safety measures, more accessible vehicle options, and routes that consider the unique travel patterns of women, we aim to create a more inclusive and equitable mobility environment.

Empowering Diverse Populations through Inclusive Mobility

Our goal is to bridge these gaps and empower women and groups of people who are often underserved by traditional transportation systems,with reliable, safe, and accessible transportation options, thereby fostering a more inclusive and sustainable mobility ecosystem in Europe.
Our focus extends beyond just providing solutions; it's about anchoring mobility as a key enabler for all citizens, especially those traditionally marginalized. InterMobility's network, rich in insights and expertise, is dedicated to promoting responsible, sustainable, and inclusive mobility solutions.

Building a Relevant Mobility Ecosystem

InterMobility plays a crucial role in ensuring mobility solutions are accessible to everyone. This involves addressing specific challenges faced by intermediate-sized cities, from infrastructure to data collection and cooperation among various stakeholders.

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